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Toccoa Waterfalls

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How an American from Boston and his English Wife, who both owned and ran a country pub in England, moved to Toccoa Ga. and started a Drone Photography Business.

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How & Why We Got Started.

Having had a keen, active interest in photography for decades, then more recently (in years terms) a passion for operating remote controlled helicopters, and....... as I had previously worked in computer software installation, Drone photography was an obvious line of work to take up after we sold our UK business.Rory & Debbie

Originally from Boston, I moved to England for my computer job and it was there I met my wife Debbie. Debbie who was brought up in the hospitality industry knew the importance of customer service, staff appreciation and the dedication required to making a business work.

The Nags HeadWhen my contracted computer job ended, we married and decided to stay in England. We bought and ran our own "typically English" country pub with it's black and white structure, picket fence & cottage style frontage, we had landscape gardens and even The Nags a crown green, bowling green. Simply Perfect, and over the years we and our team achieved much recognition, our highest accolade was being awarded the Cheshire Dining Pub of the Year. This, although not relevant to Drone Photography USA shows our commitment to excellence.

We started working with drone photography in England, but we knew that opportunities would arise in the States once the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) set out it's guidelines for commercial use of Drones. And so in 2013, after my 13 years in the pub trade, we sold our UK business and moved to our home in Georgia, which we had bought in 2006.

Bolton Oak Farm

Once there I enjoyed the opportunity to sharpen my drone flying and photography skills. We were gaining 'real time' experiences and began to develop a basic website. We prepared AND waited for a long, long, long time. We couldn't operate a business as the FAA initially ruled it illigeal to make an income from flying drones. It wasn't until August 2016 that the FAA came up with the new legislation, officially known as Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Once the course criteria was established, it was time to study.

I took and passed my exam in October 2016 and am now a certified drone pilot.

All View Property Tours and Drone Photography USA are the same company.

In Dec 2016 we set up Drone Photography USA. A series of conversations we had with realtors found that taking drone footage alone would not encourage a realtor to use us on a regular basis, but real estate was not going to be our only market sector. Fortunately at that time, other outside factors held us back from investing in the promotion of our company. This in fact turned out to be to our advantage. We had time to review a more specialized direction and began to look into Virtual Tour software for business and real estate. We were excited by what we found and chose to follow this direction and specialize in Real Estate Photography.

We went back to the drawing board, completely redisgned the website, gathered newer specific portfolio material and changed our name to a DBA - All View Property Tours. So by September 2017 we had built quite a small, but impressive client base. Given our annual trip to the UK was then imminent we decided 2018 is when we shall begin to promote ourselve. We feel confident about growth in our business, as the tech associated with this industry is so exciting.

Collectively we have the experience, the know how, the equipment, the insurance, the energy and the dedication. And together myself, Debbie my wife and all associated with both Drone Photography USA and All View Property Tours, will ensure first class customer service, good value for money and an excellent quality product.

We look forward to being of service to you.
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FAA Certified

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